The connect object

Connect aims to streamline multi-party payments, enabling Speed accounts to swiftly establish connections with other Speed accounts. This functionality empowers the Speed account to establish a connection with another speed account, create payments on behalf of the connected account in their account, and, upon payment being received, get a portion of the payments.

What are platform and connected accounts?

  1. Platform account: Platform accounts take the lead in coordinating multi-party payments, serving as the primary initiators and managers of transactions.
  2. Connected account: Connected accounts become associated with a specific platform account, forming a collaborative partnership for shared payments.

Each time the platform account owner or admin user generates a link, it will be unique and remain valid indefinitely.
The generated link will be mode-specific, meaning that when an existing account attempts to connect with a platform account, it will either connect to the test mode or live mode.
For each test and live mode, a distinct link will be generated.

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