Initializing Speed.js

Initializing Speed.js is the first step to start your programming. Create a reference of Speed by calling this Speed (publishable Key) function. The publishable key is a required parameter when calling this function because Speed uses the publishable key to identify your account and other information. Below is an example with a prefilled test publishable key.

const speed = new Speed("<<publishableKey>>");

To call this function using your account, replace the sample key in the above-mentioned example with your actual test key. When you’re ready to accept live payments, replace the test key with your live key in production.

Learn more about how keys work in test and live mode.

Function Parameters

Publishable key string (required)
Simply call any function of speed.js anywhere on your page by passing your public key as a parameter to the speed function. You can find your public key in the API keys section of your web application.

Once the integration is complete, you may test it using the test keys.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure to complete the following steps:

What’s next?