We created this reference document to cover all of the enum fields you might encounter, easing application development and ensuring consistency across our API surface. Countries, base currencies, and target cryptocurrencies are the most common enums you'll come across.

Countries enum is a list of countries with their short names in the characters (a three-lettered ISO-compliant currency name).

currency base currencies
The base currencies are fiat and cryptocurrencies that can be used to create checkout links, payment links, and so on in the Speed platform.

target_currency target cryptocurrencies default SATS
The target currency is a cryptocurrency in which the Speed payment platform accepts payment.

The currency and target_currency are used throughout the Speed platform API to allow you to provide amounts in your preferred base currency such as USD, GBP, and so on. When your customer visits the payment page, the Speed platform will automatically convert the base currency to the target cryptocurrency (default SATS).

For example, if you create a $1000 checkout link, Speed will automatically convert $1000 to SATS based on the current bitcoin rate. This process allows you to easily create checkout links in both fiat and cryptocurrencies to accept equivalent SATS.

Consider this code snippet from the checkout link for a better understanding. To make an API call, the currency in preferred fiat or cryptocurrency must be specified. For the time being, the default target_currency for the Speed platform will be SATS.

  "currency": "USD",
  "amount": 1000,
  "target_currency": "SATS" //DEFAULT FOR NOW


Please keep in mind that we may add more target cryptocurrencies in the future based on customer feedback and requests.