The payment address object

The "Payment Address" module is a vital component of Speed, enabling you to securely manage and receive payments. This module serves as the cornerstone for processing transactions, ensuring that funds are directed to the right destination accurately and promptly.

You can perform all the actions of payment address from the web application like create, retrieve, deactivate and more. Alternatively, you can extend the functionality and create payment address via Speed platform APIs.

The "Payment Address" module empowers you to streamline and personalize your payment collection process. With this feature, you can establish a unique custom domain as your payment address, making it easier than ever to receive multiple payments from clients, customers, or collaborators.

If you are associated to an speed account, you as a platform account can create a payment address in the connected account.
Speed has enabled a unique functionality wherein, if you've added a custom domain in your account as a platform account then while creating a payment address in any of your connected account you can specify that custom domain. For example if you've added a custom domain then while creating a payment address in connected account you can create a payment address as [email protected]. All the payments made on [email protected] will be received in your connected account only.

To add a custom payment address domain, you need to specify few parameters;

  • username: You must specify a unique username as once a username is selected, it remains exclusive across the Speed platform.
  • domain: You can specify either your custom domain if you have one, or use the default Speed domain.
    "id": "pa_lmhce266SqmUpnRq",
    "object": "payment.address",
    "status": "active",
    "currency": "SATS",
    "payment_request": "lnurlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1dp68gurn8ghj7ctswpshq6fww3e8jumsv4jk8xz9ff",
    "address": "[email protected]",
    "username": "John.08",
    "domain": "",
    "statement_descriptor": null,
    "success_message": "Thanks for your payment",
    "success_url": "",
    "created": 1694585393748,
    "modified": 1694585393748


id string
Unique identifier for the object.

object string
The type of the object indicates to which entity this response belongs.

status string
A payment address can have 2 statuses as mentioned below.

  • active
  • Upon generation, by default, it will be active until deactivated.
  • deactivated
  • You can manually deactivate a payment address when you don't intend to get paid via it.

currency string
Your preferred currency (base currency) in which you want to create a payment address. Default currency is set to SATS.

payment_request string
This attribute represents LNURL-encoded payment request, enabling users and applications to initiate Lightning Network payments effortlessly.

username string
This attributes represents unique username define by you to create a payment address.

domain string
This attribute refers to either a custom domain added or default speed domain used to create a payment address.

address string
This attribute represents a composite value that consists of a distinct username and a customized domain or default speed domain.

success_message string
Message customers will see when they make payment via their preferred wallet.

success_url string
If the payment is successful, the customer will be shown the URL in their wallet, if defined.

created timestamp
Time at which the payment address was created.

modified timestamp
Time at which the last modification was made.