Test & live mode

There are two modes for exploring the Speed platform APIs: test and live. Requests made in test mode validate request arguments, simulate live environment behavior, and enforce rate limits in the same way that requests made in live mode do. You can use the data in test mode to test your integration before accepting live payments. We encourage you to use the test environment, perform quality assurance, and test your product by simulating real-world usage.

To switch between modes, use the appropriate key for that mode when performing a request. Test secret API keys are always prefixed with sk_test, while production keys with sk_live. On the Speed web application > Developers, you can find and manage your API keys.

Endpoints do not differ between test and live modes. Requests made with test mode credentials never result in a real transaction or transfer of funds and have no consequences in your live environment. Transactions and entities created in the test mode do not appear in the live mode. After thoroughly testing your integration, you can switch to live mode and start accepting payments from customers. As a result, you can enjoy an authentic user experience without any risk.

We strongly advise reading through the testing guide to help you discover the product.