The balance object

This object represents your Speed account's real-time balance. You can find a detailed log of the balance, including amount, fees, description, date, and transaction type (payments, payouts, swap in, swap out, transfer in, transfer out and so forth) for each currency in the transaction section. This will help you keep track of payments and payouts (if any).

  "object": "balance",
  "available": [
      "amount": 2217713,
      "target_currency": "SATS"
      "amount": 3,
      "target_currency": "USDC"


object string
The type of the object indicates to which entity this response belongs.

amount BigDecimal
The total available balance in your Speed account.

target_currency string
The cryptocurrency in which the amount is expressed. As of now, Speed only supports SATS and USDC.