With this release, we bring a few new APIs like webhooks and events. Along with these, the payments and payment page will now support on-chain payments. To learn more about them, click the date.

You can now generate an on-chain QR code using our payment APIs to accept payments.

Added support for payment_method,payment_method_options, payment_method_options.on_chain.id, payment_method_options.on_chain.address, payment_method_options.lightning.id, payment_method_options.lightning.payment_request, on_chain_tx_explorer_link, target_amount_paid_by, description, and confirmations in Payments.

You can now use webhooks to get real-time updates of any event occurring in your account.

Payment Page
The lightning network and on-chain payments can now be accepted through our payment page.

Events are our way of informing you when the status of any resource in your account changes. You can use this API to see a list of all available events in your speed account.